Born 1977 in central London against a background of musical theatre, the artist spent much of his childhood in the company of dancers and performing artists, an experience that would later resurface in his work.

His passion for sculpture was first realised when the family moved to rural Hertfordshire. It was then his awareness and natural affiliation to sculpture began to emerge.

Charles later obtained a Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design and continued to achieve a First Class Honours Degree in Model Design. His development as an artist therefore evolved through a range of disciplines and life experiences, initially working on various film and television projects followed by a career in product model making. He continued to develop and perfect his skills as a practitioner. This work would then contribute to his long term plans to travel, the journey covering parts of South East Asia, Australia and Europe.

On returning to the UK Charles opened his Hertfordshire studio and began personal and commissioned sculpture.

Charles has undertaken a collection of corporate and public commissions including a pharmaceutical company, interior designers, a school and in 2005 won a public commission for Ware town centre in Hertfordshire. He exhibits in many galleries and participates in group exhibitions across England with a recent series focusing on dance and flight featuring in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In this series of bronze the artist explores the expressive nature and communication of dance. Understanding emotion to be the single driving force allows the artist to successfully convey feeling through the movement in his work. With careful interpretation he translates the physical narrative of dance in to slender elegant forms, extracting only the essential line and curve required to capture their specific energy and motion.

In recognition of the characteristics of dance, the artist draws a parallel with the swift and balletic dynamics of flight, incorporating the suggestion of both human and bird anatomies. The marriage of the two forms in their exaggerated state adds emphasis to their weightless energy reinforcing their unique qualities of strength, precision and elegance. It is a recognition and appreciation of the power and emotional expression of dance that feeds the artists inspiration.

In his latest series Charles focuses his attention on the subjects of birth and growth, the elements required for creation and the devises nature employs to combat the struggle of growth in life. Nurture, protection, defence, travel, adaptation, development, transition are all addressed in this series of organic forms. Each piece combines the line and form of one or a number of nature’s creations, seeds, shoots, shells, human anatomy. Twisting and spiralling upward with fluid movement through curves and counter curves the pieces are symbolic of progress and evolution as they morph and shift in shape and direction.